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Recent McClatchy/Knight Ridder Columns (partial publication list):

"Staycation, Schmaycation: One Mother's Perspective"
August 19, 2009
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"Mom on Text-Driving: Ban It For the Kids"
August 4, 2009
USA Today.com, "Philadelphia Inquirer," Fresno Bee.com, Island Packet.com, Tri-City Herald.com, Penn State News.com, Belleville News- Democrat.com, Twitter.com, PenTeleData.net, Topics.com, Philly.com, San Luis Obispo.com, Kentucky.com, Centre-Daily Times.com, News and Observer.com, Merced Sun-Star.com, Sacramento Bee.com, Centre Daily Times.com, Mom2Momsc.com, Wopular.com, Roadrunner.com, Bradenton Herald. com, Cellular Country. com, Individual. com, Directions Driving.net, Macon.com, Toppacaralhu.com, Treehugger.com, Tetechnology.com, Washington News Headlines.com, Chirpcity.com.

"When Son's Cyberworld Duties Compete with Suppertime"
July 21, 2009
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"Not Giving Children Everything Can Be a Good Lesson"
July 7, 2009
Buffalonews.com, San Luis Obispo Tribune.com, WorldNews Network.com, Surfwax.com, Bradenton Herald.com, "The Huntsville Times," Kentucky.com, Lake Wylie Pilot.com, Dakotamoms.com, Tri-City Herald.com, Herald Online.com, News and Observer.com, Sacramento Bee.com, Centre-Daily Times.com, Belleville News-Democract.com, Modesto Bee.com, The State.com, Ledger-Enquirer.com, Macon.com, Fresno Bee.com, Topix.com.

"On Behalf of Parents Everywhere: Thank You, Internet!"
June 22, 2009
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"Co-Ed Sleepovers? Whaaat?"
June 8, 2009
Newsday.com, The Buffalonews.com, The Stateonline.com, Courant.com, Tri-City Herald.com, Herald Online.com, News and Observer.com, Sacramento Bee.com, Monterey Herald.com, Healthhaven.com, Centre-Daily Times.com, Modesto Bee.com.

"My Sister's Couch"
May 12, 2009
Merced Sun-Star.com, News and Observer.com, Sacramento Bee.com, Modesto Bee.com, Herald Online.com, Mom2MomSC.com, Island Packet.com, Beaufort Gazette.com, San Luis Obispo Tribune.com, Macon.com, Tri-City Herald.com, Topix.com, Fresno Bee.com, Merced Sun-Star.com, Kentucky.com, Macon.com, Idaho Statesman.com.

"Text Messaging: Like Mother, Like Daughter"
April 15 2009
Buffalo News.com, Deseret News, NOLA.com, Moms2MomsSC.com, Macon.com, Tri-City Herald.com, Pocatello Parents.com, Anniston Star.com, Fresno Bee.com, Modesto Bee.com, Sacramento Bee.com, tmcnet.com, Herald Online.com, Sensible Girl.com.

"If Big Bird is Yellow and Elmo is Red, What's the Color of Money, Mommy?"
March 26, 2009
Beaufort Gazette.com, San Luis Obispo Tribune.com, Moms2MomSC.com, The State Online, Central Valley Moms, Surfwax.com, Refugees.bratfree.com.

"Mom on the Moon"
March 16, 2009
Daily ME.com, Centre Daily Times.com, Fresno Bee.com, News and Observer.com.

"Facebook is Mom’s New BFF"
March 2, 2009
Boston Herald.com, Connecticut Post.com, News and Observer.com, Center Daily Times.com, Press of Atlantic City.com, Sacramento Bee.com, Modesto Bee.com, Fresno Bee.com, RisMedia.com, Idaho Statesman.com, Beaufort Gazette.com, The State.com, Island Packet.com, Belleville News-Democrat.com, Kentucky.com.

"He's a Travelin' Young Man"
Feb. 3, 2009
News and Observer.com, Center Daily Times.com, Press of Atlantic City.com, Sacramento Bee.com, Modesto Bee.com

"The First Ladies of Cookies: NOT!"
Jan. 20,2009
Sacramento Bee.com, Modesto Bee. com, Bradenton Herald.com, Press of Atlantic City.com, Daily ME.com, News and Observer.com, Norwalk News, CentreDaily.com, San Luis Obispo Tribune.com (Calif.), The Idaho Statesman.com, Chauffeur Center.com, Ledger-Enquirer.com (Columbus, Ga.)

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